Watercolor paintings--arresting moments in living color.

Nancy Duvergne Smith

Art is a burst of life that leaps from the artwork into the eyes, the brain, and the very cells of the viewer. It is visceral, enigmatic, pulsing with vitality. For me, form and watercolor are the expressions of this life force. I wet my brush and see what happens. Sometimes it’s wonderful, sometime not, but it’s always an adventure.

For subject matter, I love figures, waterscapes, abstracts, as well as plants. My style ranges from sensitive modulations of color and value to expressive work, often with calligraphic details.

When my brush touches my subject matter intimately, I feel successful.

Watercolor collages that speak to how we value color and complexity in life. See the collage portfolio for more work and the Galatea/Artsy for the entire show.

above: Lavender Ladies, Watercolor Collage, 21 x 29 inches, 2022

"We greet each other in bodies wrapped in diverse flesh tones, physical configurations, and personal styles. Color is part of that encounter. When I was eight, I daydreamed about having the magical power to change my skin color, head to toe, every day. Monday might be teal day, Tuesday fuchsia. Combining the power and beauty of watercolor and the dynamic lines made by cut paper, Skins and Petals suggests this fresh world." - Nancy DuVergne Smith

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